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Guardian Of Secrets

Character Info
Name: Monarch Fielding
Age: 900 (9 in human years)
Alignment: CN
Race: Animal Halfing
Gender: Male
Class: Untamed Guardian
Silver: 232
Ok so I was listening to a song then my dog stepped on my keyboard and made a bunch of mistakes and posted some of the lyrics to the song on the post and submit it, so I was wondering if there was anyway I could delete that…? 
Shiloh Kyrie

Character Info
Name: Shiloh Kyrie
Age: Appears 20
Alignment: LN
Race: Deity (Fae-touched Human)
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Silver: 13395
If you need anything deleted or edited, you will need to contact an admin to have that handled or report what needs fixing. This happens often, so I suggest writing up the post with the BBCode in a separate document first, then copy-paste it in to post. Just a word of warning, when you paste text into the box it messes up your spacing between paragraphs so copy it in small chunks.

"When all else fails, move on to plan B. And when that plan fails, move on to the next plan."

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Shiloh is the Ruler of Onslaught and the Thundering Tempest, or the Overseer of Luck and Misfortune

Her God Powers are:
I. She can utilize spatial distortion to redirect attacks aimed at her to target something else.
II. She can create a paralyzing stasis field with a diameter of 30 ft on a person or a fixed point within her line of sight.
III. She is able to reverse the polarity of one's misfortune into fortune, or vice versa.

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