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Character Info
Name: Holly
Age: Looks 16
Alignment: TG
Race: Rosenite
Gender: Female
Class: Bard
Silver: 323
Holly came out of the gate more in a tumble since she had jumped down into one. She swore she could hear Naota calling out for her as the gate closed. It broke her heart more than words could describe. It seemed like that was the type of relationship they were doomed to have. A boy she barely knew and already she felt like her world was taken. Her mother was right people her age had stupid hearts. She moved her hands up to her heart as she watched the people around her. They gave her a nod as her bright colored dancing clothes matched their own, this was more like home.

It had been a while after that day and her heart was still vastly upset. She wondered how a boy she barely knew could have a hold on her so strong that it was breaking her. She let out a deep sigh as she pulled herself up off a loaned carpet. She bowed to the old woman who let her sleep on the streets with her. After all, being a singer and dancer in Abed was hard. You had to be good and beautiful to their eyes. You had to have songs that captured their attention. Not to mention the fifty other people trying to get their coin.

The lady pat the rug and Holly nodded. Sitting back down the woman dunked a cloth into a bucket and rubbed the dirt off her arms. "Thank you," she spoke in Abedi tongue and the old woman smiled. The woman knew just by the girl's scent who she was. A fabled god child had visited and was alright with living on the streets to get by. The child knew how to hold her own and was thankful for every moment she had.

"Before your husband died," she paused and frowned but she found herself ushered on as she was bathed, "did you ever have rough points before you married?"

"Here is not like where you come from child. Most of us do not have a choice in who we marry. I can assure you though with time you will find the answers you seek. It might not come covered in roses but it will come." the dust came off her sun-kissed skin as the old woman continued. Holly's silver eyes turned towards the palace made from petrified wood. The answer would come and maybe it would be one she liked.

The very core of life
Is soaring higher of truth and light

OOC: I am a Brittlez :3

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