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Character Info
Name: Lokir
Age: Mid 30s
Alignment: TG
Race: Werebear
Gender: Male
Class: Heavy Knight
Silver: 1411
Kwama is at once a huge city and a massive living being. For the whole of the city resides on the back of a giant beetle that slowly wanders the lands taking the city and its inhabitants along with it. Founded thousands of years ago by a now unknown group the city houses many races from around Onnen, from insects to Hoomans, Crocodile and Cheetah people all call this city home.

The beetle itself is almost immeasurably large able to house the thousands of people that live on its back. The beetle doesn't seem to mind that it has beings living on it, or it doesn't know, as it wanders around the lands from place to place. Its black carapace shines in the sunlight while it casts a large shadow over the lands, munching on the trees now and then as it leans its head down. With the city built on its back, the beetle cannot fly, but it's unknown if the insect could ever fly considering its size. What is known is that when the beetle senses a threat it has an unusual defense; it can conjure its own swarms of large beetles to attack for it. These swarms seem limitless and consist of very large beetles of an unknown variety that have large mandibles used to rend chunks of flesh from victims. Since attacking the beast also means attacking the city very few times in history has any force been foolish enough to attack. It's not known if the beetle has any more defenses that it can bring to bear should the need arise, most are repelled by the swarms of beetles and the occupants of the city itself.

The city is a wonder on its own, with towers and fine craftsmanship from all the races of Onnen, making the city a patchwork of different building types and material. Yet, it all seems to belong together, somehow flowing from street to street naturally. It's a peaceful city, low crime rates and safe streets at night, in fact, the nightlife is rather exciting in Kwama, parties happen almost every night in some part of the city. With so many different cultures present the variety of parties are enough for anyone to find one that they will enjoy, as often they are open for anyone to join.

Education centers, libraries, healing house are scattered around the city, generally catering to the race who started it, but any building will take almost anyone that is looking for services. Education is important in Kwama, almost everyone that can go to some kind of higher education of their choice, research in this city into technology and magic is funded very well as a result. Art in all of its forms is also held in high regard as artists from across Onnen come to show off their work in the galleries that dot the city.

God Powers:
i. Can learn any martial form of combat and any weapon by simply watching someone use it flawlessly with little practice.
ii.  Battlefield Awareness; Lokir has the ability to look over a battlefield and read the strategies of his enemies even before they have full committed to them, allowing him to make counter stratagems quickly.
iii. Strength of the Bear; Lokir himself as a God is physically extraordinarily strong, but he can add strength to others as well, push their bodies to their race's physical limits for a time.

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