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Character Info
Name: Kiba Balatro
Age: Looks in Early 30s
Alignment: TN
Race: Diowolf/Dragon Shade
Gender: Male
Class: Champion - Protector Vitae
Silver: 3143
An expansive grassland awaits those that wish to explore the lands of Sandawe. The savanna changes greatly depending on the season that is upon the land. During the wet, the grass grows thick and green for as far as the eye can see. Trees are full of lush leaves that offer shaded protection from the high noon sun. Rivers flow through the savanna to provide refreshing water to any thirsty travelers. Remain cautious though, for the main rivers have been claimed by certain native tribes that are not as willing to share as some of the others.

During the dry season, the landscape is a very different site, though still teaming with life if you know where to look for it. Raging rivers dwindle to small creeks within the deep river beds. Yellow and brown replaces the color of green on the ground as the grass turns dormant until water is more readily available once again. Even with the lack of water, the land continues to thrive.

In the center of the Sandawe Grasslands there stands the Welayta Mountain range. These mountains separate the east and west of the savanna setting up a set of boundaries that have helped keep the peace between some of the natives. Certain natives are highly territorial, and adventurers should exercise caution.

Central to Sandawe live the Chokwe that are the lion people. They are the established ‘rulers’ that help maintain the peace. Rivals to the Chokwe live tucked against the Welayta Mountains on the eastern side called the Mandinka, a hyena people. To the northeast of the mountains, the Makone have settled in the northern rivers. River villages dot the water along the shores, heavily patrolled by the crocodile people. There is a nomad group called the Twa, a cheetah people that even with their constant travel tend to stay in the south-west of the savanna. Biafada are a strong and solitary civilization that enjoy the arid temperatures of the dry seasons. Finally, the native Eket are a fierce group that know nothing about giving up. Many would underestimate the furred humanoids. They look most like honey badgers, but to come close without restraint would be ill-advised.

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