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Nelanna Fox

Character Info
Name: Nelanna R. Fox
Age: Timeless; looks 20
Alignment: TG
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Warden of the Wilds
Silver: 1912
Ensarrian did not push for a response, instead letting the silence extend. He kept his head pressed against her back, silently wondering if she should still embrace her. Hugs were far more comforting than what he was doing. What else could he do to comfort the poor girl? Talking might lift a weight from her shoulders, but that’s up to her. Offering a distraction might help; there are plenty of stories he could tell. But again, that was up to her. She may just want to sit in silence. Or, perhaps not.

Though the silence lasted a long while, it was eventually broken after the sobbing stopped and her tears had been wiped away. Ensarrian frowned slightly. Why would her birthday give her reason to cry? Maybe it happened to be a mark for more than her birth, a reminder of something tragic. Either way, he didn’t judge, and he didn’t ask. Instead he smiled softly as she suggested they get out of the water. It wasn’t her fault she doesn’t know that he’s a dragon, a fire dragon at that. He can keep himself warm with an internal flame much like a furnace, one he can control the temperature of so he is never cold. And no amount of heat bothers him, so he can never be too hot. Fevers and colds are something he can never get. But he said nothing and let her be for now.

He moved away to give her space when she turned to face him. He was hard pressed to tell her that what he did was nothing compared to what she did for him. But some might argue that emotional pain if far worse than physical, and might be offended if told otherwise. He didn’t wish to offend her. “I just wish I could have done more,” was all he said in reply.

Suddenly she started to ask something, but something was holding her tongue. He cocked a brow as her face turned a shade of pink, her head shaking. Raziel then stood and helped him onto his feet. It was only then that he realized their difference in height. He didn’t consider himself tall for his age, but next to her he felt like a tree next to a small bush. She was so tiny!

Raziel found her voice again, pulling him from the distraction. Still she stumbled to find her words, face turning a deeper shade of red as it became downcast. Why was she so shy all of a sudden? Part of him wanted to encourage her, to let her know that no matter what it was she wanted to ask, she needn’t feel embarrassed about it. And then finally, the question revealed itself. He blinked, taken aback by the request. But he didn’t ask why. There was no need to. The angel is blind; how else is she supposed to find out what he looks like? Smiling tenderly, he responded, “Of course you may.” His heart thumped at the idea of her hands all over his face. Aside from Isedora, his girlfriend, he gets nervous around the opposite sex, especially when they get close or touch him. This is because he lacked experience with them, and thus was never sure how to react.

Still, he owed Raziel, and so he came closer and waited until she was ready.

Character Info
Name: Raziel
Age: About 100, appear 25
Alignment: TG
Race: Angel Nymph hybrid
Gender: Female
Silver: 877
Ensarrian was patient as she struggled to ask the personal question. He would let her invade his personal space so her fingers could probe his face? The easy, immediate response was warm and accepting. Raziel was shocked for a moment. Slowly, she lifted her hands towards his face. There was a slight stumble as she found his throat instead.

It was a good place to start as any. Raziel glided up to his chin, strong and chiseled. His lips were soft and full, very kissable for any lucky girl. While her fore and middle fingers went to feel the nose, long and seemingly perfect for his face, her ring and pinkie fingers felt the smooth skin of his cheeks. The medical side of her noted the lack of excess plump or gauntness.

At his eye sockets, her touch was even softer as she felt the tender skin which protected those delicate eyes. His lashes were long, his brows in symmetrical balance. Her hands slid from his brows to his cheeks as she gave him an appreciative smile. ”Ensarrian, you are exquisitely beautiful. Thank you.” Then she leaned in and planted a soft kiss on his cheek before stepping back from him.

”Now, we have two choices. Either we find a dry place for you to rest and eat, or we attempt to find your companions.” She left the choice up to him. Azula had been watching with a steady gaze. The owl knew him to be a leader, an alpha. While owls had no such thing, they still held respect for the alphas of other flying species. He was a wyvern, an alpha of great strength and trustworthy. Azula approved him as a companion to her master.

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