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Character Info
Name: River
Age: Young 20s
Alignment: CN
Race: Rosenite
Gender: Male
Class: Spiritbinder
Silver: 649
Her words explained the new confidence in her body language, and River was glad she had found a truer self.  It was something he could sympathize with in part as well, given that so much had been lost to him as a slave.  But it seemed they had both escaped, and they were both finding their way in the world.  He considered what she said, that even getting there would be worthwhile.  Both to himself, and to the Goddess he sought.  "You're right, Mirannda.  It's something that I've been avoiding for a good while now, but perhaps I should face what I can.  I tell myself that a personal matter is nothing compared to what I do for others… but there are times perhaps I should be a bit selfish," he admitted with a chuckle.  It was a hard thing to say, given that River put others before himself. 

The thoughts had no end, and it took a second for him to realize that Mirannda had stopped dancing.  There were questions in her eyes as well, but he wasn't sure that he wanted to ask them just yet.  They both had questions, but then she asked something of him, something simple yet intimate.  He didn't answer, instead gently cupping her face between his hands and did as she asked.  It felt like a rare, perfect moment.  "Mirannda, I don't know where our paths will lead.  But… I hope they will be close together.  I know it won't always be easy.  But I'd like to at least try," he finished with an almost shy smile.  River had never spoken words like this to anyone before, and he wasn't sure where they would lead.  But he at least wanted to try.


Character Info
Name: Mirannda Sinopa
Age: 33
Alignment: CN
Race: Phoenix
Gender: Female
Class: Retired Mercenary
Silver: 159
He cupped her face, her heart skipping a beat. Did she really just ask that? After what happened last time? But he leaned down, and their lips met once more. In that brief moment, a blissful sense of euphoria washed over her, causing her to almost immediately melt into River. All too soon, the kiss was over, and Mirannda took a moment to allow the feeling to sink in. Her eyes fluttered open in time to catch his smile.

The words of hope hung before them, the future so very dark and unsure looming before them. An infinite number of possibilities, countless choices, and endless consequences. Yet, despite the uncertainty, Mirannda found herself quite pleased with this chance of togetherness. But were their thoughts actually in alignment? Very often, misunderstandings have ended alliances, started wars, and destroyed many kinds of relationships. She did not want that to happen to them and have him left hurt like she had abandoned him to feel last time.

A playful, smile played at the corner of her lips. ”I do like the sound of close together very much. But…” Mirannda frowned slightly. ”Are you saying what I believe you’re saying? Close together as in a deeper… relationship?” On the one hand, she wanted it more than anything. On the other, however, her heart beat in fear. While being the Champion of Lust and Desire, the Reaper’s Hand, it didn’t mean she could not be exclusive, did it?

Death is only the beginning.

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