About Deities

The Gods of Revaliir are extremely powerful beings. They are gifted their talents by the Voice, an ancient soul that was born during Revaliir's final incarnation. Each God has been gifted two domains that fit who they are or who they will become. Though it is not uncommon for a god to devour a domain and become greater or completely change all together into something more. There are examples of this on the site for instance: Angela was once the Goddess of Death and Decay but through the healing of her heart she became the Goddess of Fertility and Earth. Once she had proven herself capable she was able to devour the domain of Life taking Fertility into Life's folds since Fertility is often considered a lesser power of Life this was the only reason she got away with it and still maintains any two domains: Earth and Life.

The Rules For Being a Revaliir God

When in their temple/realms, gods are able to god mode. However, when they are in the mortal worlds they no longer have that ability.

BUT...there are certain rules that all gods can impose upon mortals, even when outside their temple/realms.

First up, we have blessings and curses. As long as they are done In Character, they cannot be ignored by players. However, curses and blessings are something that gods cannot impose upon each other.

Now, when it comes to The Voice's Rules we have a bunch of things that always work for the god in question. So, as an example, you might say that when invoked, when a certain god uses water weaving, it always trumps everyone else. Or, the god can be undetectably invisible, or they are never remembered unless the god decides otherwise, or they are invulnerable to a certain element, or that horses always obey any command given by that god, or that their disguises are always impervious...etc etc.

Each God gets three rules and only three.

Important Note

Gods in Parvpora are weaker except when in their temples, if those temples are in Parvpora.

Other Important Notes

Gods cannot run guilds,but they may join them.

God's secondary characters can be avatars. Mortal characters who have no god powers, but gods can know everything they know, but it doesn't work both ways.

Other gods do not have the power to know who the avatar is. Meaning one of their clergy could be an avatar of another god.