Gods are immortal

On Revaliir no one can kill a character without your say so. Deities take it one step past that and are able to say they are actual immortals. Once someone loses their deity spot they lose the right to be immortal. This doesn’t mean that the role-player of said deity cannot kill their character off.

Gods are expected to post 12 times every month. The posts need to be spread out throughout the month. At least 6 of those posts must be on their deity account. The other 6 can be spread out between their alt characters. They must also role-play with 3 different PEOPLE and not characters.

Gods can only god mode in their temples/realms

This means that the only time Gods are really all powerful is in their realms/temples. Outside of their temples, they can only use their three rules which I will go into later.

Gods must aim to answer at least 75% of posts in their temple, except threads where the god is not required.


Gods that fail to meet quota will face consequences depending on the severity of their infraction.


An avatar is a secondary character who is a manifestation of the god in the mortal realm. Avatars have no special powers and are completely mortal, but they will have a certain level of divine insight and may even be aware of who they are if you decide it to be the case, plus the god that has incarnated through them will be aware of everything the avatar perceives. Other gods will not automatically recognize an avatar as such unless they are told, or the reveal occurs with the permission of that character's user.

Secondary Characters

If you have a secondary character, you may use them for 6 posts of your quota. Secondary characters can be avatars.

God Powers

Each God is allowed 3 rules which they are allowed to use outside of their temple. They do not require permission from another user to do them upon. These powers have the ability to overrule the powers of mortals or other gods if that’s the will of the rule.


Deities have a mandatory events that they must host for the site. The schedule of events will be decided on by staff & administration.

Vacation Time

While we encourage you to get out and about, deities are required to make quota if you know when you are going on vacation. This means if you are going on vacation the last 3 days of quota you don’t get to skip the whole things since you knew in advance you would be leaving.

Optional Quota Material

Every once in awhile we know that it is hard to make quota. Be it that you are in school, you are sick, vacation, etc. There may be opportunities for you do something that can count towards your quota. This is not a guarantee. Please contact administration if you feel you may fall into this category.

Switching Your God Character

On occasion, deities will be allowed to switch domains/spheres for their characters or switch their character all together. There needs to be a good reason/explanation for such, and it needs to be approved by administration.

Remember that this is technically a job and we expect it to be treated as such.