Enchants are powerful but difficult to remove items that can be put into equipment that has been prepared with sockets for their use. They are not meant to be removed mid combat and require more setup to remove than insert. It is possible to powerplay with them, so keep in mind the following set of rules when using enchants:

1. Only two enchants can be on a single item at any given time

The effects of both enchantments will happen simultaneously. i.e. A person gets slashed with a wind and lightning sword and receives damage from both elements.

2. You can't remove the enchants mid-battle.

i.e. Joe bears down on Bob with a lightning sword. He realizes that Bob is wearing lightning resistant armor that nullifies his lightning damage. He removes the lightning gem and pops in a fire one instead while still swinging.

The above scenario is considered powerplaying. However, if Joe retreats to a safe place and, after intense effort, replaces the gem, that is not powerplaying.

3. The strength of all enchants is equivalent to what a consecrate/taint weapon spell would be for weapons and what the resistance tonics would be for armor. These effects will have permanent duration so long as the enchant is socketted.

4. Enchants on armor are resistance based and are exactly equivalent to enchants on weapons. They will nullify each other when in direct conflict.

i.e. elements of the same type on weapons and armor will nullify each other.