On Revaliir if we do not have the items that you need to use we do approve uses of items we have for other things. Such as subbing a spell for an ability, subbing an item for another item that is similar, subbing an animal for another animal we do not have, etc, etc. We believe that we don’t need an item for every single thing in existence. So to help you guys out I have made a list of approved items that we have already done so you don’t have to check with us. Just make sure to list it in your profile when you do the substitution.

Among other things always assume spells can be cast on not only yourself but on others as well no matter how they read. You do need the other participant’s permission as god modding is forbidden without permission. -Brittlez, Head Administrator

List Guide:

Actual Store Item: Substituted Item

Substitution List:

Stone Wall: Ice Wall (You can use any element for this)

Stone Skin: Ice Armor (You can use any element for this)

Replication: Item Replication

Two War Galleys: Galleon

Any Horse: Nightmare (depends on the type you want, read the description of the horses for more details)

Skirmishers: Thieves

Bandanna: Hair Gems/Pins

Bracelet: Armlet/Anklet

Canteen: Flask

Bo: Walking Stick

Armor: Can be exchanged for an armor type similar or armor style of said piece

Incognito: Seal Wings/ Seal other body parts of your choice

Canelux’s Winged Armor: Any other kind of winged armor (check with admins on this just in case)

Stone Skin: Hardened Dragon Scales

Elemental Potions: Elemental Resistances

Strangle: Taking someone’s air out of their lungs (Get Godmod permission)

Water Weaving: Mist

Fire Weaving: Smokescreen

Wind Weaving: Clouds

Water Meld: Becoming one with mist

Botanical Growth: Growing flowers/other plants

Taint Weapon/Consecrate: Imbuing weapons with Elements of different types(Extra note imbuing weapons with things like hellfire is allowed but its nowhere on the level of the actual epic spell)

Gate Travel: Tree Walking (The ability to use trees as gates going from one tree to the next)

Fire Breath: Elemental Breath

Protect: Used to ward doors

Pegasus: Any winged animal (does not include mythical creatures such as dragons, check with an admin if you aren’t sure.)

Drain Essence: Blood drinking with healing properties

Explosion: Implosion

Magic Unlock: Magic Lock

Using other animals to be mounts for smaller characters. FOR EXAMPLE: Corgi mount for fairies.

Element Weavings: Element Auras

Spells: Items that do the same thing as a spell (make sure to check with admins so we can put a limit on your item since that is vastly different from mana casting. Also make sure to have the item it is supposed to be on.)

Skirt: Kilt

Katar/any synth created weapon: Punch Blade/Hidden Blade but to have it imbued with the properties of certain synth weapons you must sub that weapon. If just elemental damage get one of the enchantments and sub a katar with it.

Synth Items: subbing it for another item with the same properties (If a weapon sub the combat style with the same style to prevent items from becoming overpowered. A bow cannot become a sword. A sword cannot become a bow.)

Spectral Blades: Any kind of melee weapon type

Caravel: Houseboat

Enchanted Cloud: Magic Carpet

Glasses: Goggles

Cart: Sled

Wine Bottle: Other alcohols (when not in a tavern or place where it is served)