Reverie's Gift

Reverie was the name of the matron Celestial of the world Revaliir. She was the mother of Parvpora, Canelux, and their sisters. She was Sun’s wife. She gave up her Celestial body to become the world Revaliir. She did so because her child wished to birth a new life that could not survive in their realm. That child was Parvpora, the youngest of the moons. It should be noted that the Celestials weren’t limited to the Sun and his family but rather the history was never written down and the only ones who would have had knowledge of these names were the Celestials before the current incarnation of the World Trees.

Onnen, the first World Tree

The son of the Celestial Parvpora was ultimately named Onnen. The world of Revaliir was once a giant land mass because of his roots. The World Tree was so tall that his leaves went outside the atmosphere of Revaliir.

The root of all civilization began with Onnen and his chosen mate the Celestial Mercury. Mercury used Onnen’s roots as massive as they were to plant pods of life. These would become the races of Revaliir. There were any number of races all created at once as Mercury didn’t want one race to be favored over the others. Her favorite were the humans, as they seemed to be the weakest link of all the races she created. She felt sorry for them but in a way reminded her that she couldn’t make all the races equal, so the races all have different weakness and areas where they were strong in.

When Onnen and Mercury quickly realized that their creations were dying and struggled to come to an understanding of the reasoning. They discovered that unlike Celestials these creations needed substance: water and food. So using his mighty branches Onnen created the massive rivers, forests of all types, animals, and other means of food like vegetables.

They further realized that these beings weren’t capable of hearing them. So for each race, Onnen created a very special being that would lead the races. These would become what Revaliir called Gods. They conveyed all of Onnen and Mercury’s love to the mortal children. Onnen quickly decided that this wasn’t enough and each race was granted five special individuals who were granted long lives but not the immortality like the original Gods. These individuals were called Muses, they were the first seers of Revaliir. These individuals wrote down the history of Celestials so that the occupants of Revaliir knew where they came from. Onnen and Mercury were very opinionated beings so many Celestials not in their family were not recorded.

When the Celestials began to all give up their spectral forms Onnen and Mercury knew it was their time. Not knowing the consequences of them giving up their Celestial bodies they left. When this happened Onnen’s deceased form began to crash down. This created the oceans, continents, mountains, and other landmarks. It was such a catastrophic event that the climates were created.

With the crashing of his branches and trunk, his residual powers also caused so-called Pocket Dimensions to appear, though no mortal would ever have known they were there if not for the World Trees, Gods, and the Muses of Onnen. When Onnen collapsed he released several saplings that went to every continent. Two of the known children of this split are the Voice and Verya, Canelux and Parvpora’s World Trees.

Onnen and Mercury left before the Celestials Sun, Glissa, Parvpora, and Canelux. Parvpora left before Canelux. Sun was the very last as he ushered his daughter Canelux to take her place by her sister since the Stairways to the Sky was destroyed.

Glissa created her four daughters to help Revaliir, who was her mother. This was her last gift before she left. She created the Horae or her four daughters who would become the seasons. Ingius, the oldest became the summer months. Venti, the second oldest would become the autumn months. Glaciem, the third oldest, would become the winter months. Finally, the youngest sister Terra would have the most important job as she renewed the seasons as the spring months. These sisters have no physical form and continue to wonder Revaliir doing their duties as they were told by Glissa.

When Canelux finally joined Parvpora, the sister moons began to signify many things such as the seasons showing that they are somewhat aware but not wholly.

Onnen would eventually become one with Mercury as a celestial body in the sky. It is visible during certain times of the year.