Canelux Gods- Tree: Voice(In Hiding)

Angela Rose - Goddess Who Ferries the Dead and Wilts the Living, Devoured the Fertility Sphere: lost the title She who Gifts Fertility, Devoured Earth Sphere: lost the title Keeper of the Cornucopia(Titles changed with time), Devoured Lust Sphere: obtained from Dalanesca.

Arabella Riversong - Maiden of Light and Truth Singer

Bryn yr Gwyn - Lord of Those who have Passed and Steward of the Boundary

Aboiye - God of Beasts and The Hunter

Chae - Goddess Who Hoards Knowledge and Bears the Arcane Heart

Dalanesca - She Who Maintains Order and Balance. Lost the Darkness Sphere title was: The Harbinger of Darkness [Titles Changed with Time] The Reaper, or The Siren (Killed by Angela Rose due to possession by an eldritch being.)Sphere of Lust was consumed by Angela following her death.

Dimitre Knight - God who brings Shadow and Covets Secrets

Eytelia - Goddess of Hours Keeper of Knowledge

Gorrick - Lord of the Forge and Dragon King

Frey LeSilve- Puppeteer of Fate

Judge - The Thimble Rigger; the Dream Lord

Ki - Goddess Who Turns Tides with the Moons

Ivacus Manaclaw- God of Exploration, Travelers, and Motivation

Lokir - Tetrarch of Strength and Courage --> Sphere of Courage was lost while he gained War

Mendean - the Lord of Chaos who Walks in Dreams( Devoured his father Judge's spheres of influence)

Moliira - The Stormwolf and the Huntress

Naota - Lost sphere of Courage and gained Dreams

Natsumi - The Nameless One (Goddess of Keys and Secrets before erasure from history)

Nyasia- Laborer of Love and Stronghold of Strength (Divinity consumed by her daughter Rhea)

Randal - The Godslayer (Divine title unknown)

Rhea - Goddess Who Whispers Love and Dangles Strength

Rhylana Knight - Goddess Who Burns All and Consumes All

Sardon Tiger-Iron - Lord of Destruction and Bringer of Torment

Skadi - Lady Luck Who Commands the Depths

Tsaer - God of Life and Strength

Torn Flashborne - The Prince of Epics

Vaeri - Goddess of Death and Wisdom

Xunatar The Lord of Lies and The Chaosweaver, lost sphere of Deceit and gained Darkness, The Nightfall King and the Walking Paradox

Parvpora Gods- Tree: Verya(Deceased)

Aegir - Overlord of Storms and Death Singer

Cereus - King of the Damned and Betrayed

Concordia - Mistress of Webs and the Sprawling Shadows

Elysium - Lord of the Barren

Kasumi - Goddess of Winter and Death

Kaze - God of Wind and War

Lucina - Lady of the Moons and Tide Riser

Malach - The Gloom Weaver and Dream Eater

Reyansh - The Trickster and Silver-tongued

Zujiuchu - Lord of the Forge and Master of Ales