Jade is such a curious gem. Some people revere it for having magical properties, others actually imbue it with such. And my people? It's a lovely looking gem, and a fine item for trade. And it actually is quite receptive to certain kinds of magic. We use it for channeling dream magics. I know of at least one other jade mine on this continent aside from the one near Endapano. It is situated in Mamlak, and the people there see the gem as a tranquilizing influence. I do believe I've also heard that they use it for mental and emotional stability. While our mine produces mainly green and blue jade, the one in Mamlak produces green and yellow. Both are traded here in Sviet, and the Arany orcs make fine jewelry and sculptures from all those colors.

But I saw something new today, and I am quite intrigued by it. A trade emissary from the far away land of Ataiyo visited, with a color of jade I've never seen. It was white with patches of green naturally embedded within it. The head emissary called it “moss in snow”. They also have white and green jade from their mines, as I found out, speaking at length with the lady over tea. She also told me that her people use it for spirit warding and purification rituals, and given its properties, that is a good use of the gem. They also use it in carving small household deities, and we traded statues. The moss in snow goddess stands on my dresser now, and I hope she enjoys the blue jade cat. She also told me of purple jade from mines near Abed, and they use it for stone healing. Now that is just ridiculous, whomever heard of using stones for healing?

Sadron Haeloth, Trade Emissary of Endapano