For the sake of informing and assisting those who come across the material known as Lacriamium, I scribe here what I know of this material that others might find use for it.

Relatively young in the world, Lacriamium first appeared when Angela, the Goddess of Life and Mother to us all, used up most, if not all, of the magical and deific powers she had within her to form this material for the purpose of confining her fellow Goddess, Dalanesca, when Dalanesca began to cause severe trouble for the world in recent times. Because this material came from Angela, and her essence itself, it has powerful magical amplification abilities that will make any magic conferred to it stronger - especially magics to do with healing and other supportive purposes. This is despite the fact that Lacriamium no longer has the power of the Goddess that it once had.

Lacriamium does, however, maintain an exceptional sturdy hardness to it. This stems from the fact that its original purpose was to contain a Goddess, and, as such, required the exceptional durability to accomplish this. Once its original purpose was completed, and Dalanesca was calmed following the rebirth of Angela, Lacriamium remained within the world to continue to be useful to the peoples of Revaliir who manage to find it in useful quantities.

Due to its nature as a powerful magical conduit, Lacriamium is used in many powerful artifacts. One such artifact would be Angela’s Divine Rod - a magical item with the ability to grant the healing power of life at a distance rather than to those in one’s immediate vicinity. The healing from the rod is also quite potent, as it is amplified by the Lacriamium core that the rod was made with. As a result, the rod is a very powerful healing tool that truly holds the grace of the Goddess.

Other uses for Lacriamium include refinement into ingots which can then be used to craft myriad tools, weapons, and armor. If one were to craft a weapon out of this wonderful specimen of metal, they would find that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to damage, dent, or otherwise hamper Lacriamium’s capabilities as an ore. Armor made from this material would also be extremely effective at protecting the wearer, and tools - such as pickaxes - would last a long time and be superior in their purposes to similar tools of different materials.

Lacriamium is also harder than diamond which had, until now, been considered the hardest and most durable material known to man. Not even diamond is capable of standing up to Lacriamium for long were the two to be pitted against one another. It goes without being said, therefore, that Lacriamium can make short work of defenses or tools made out of materials such as bronze or steel.

Lacriamium has been shown to be useful for magic research as well. This was proven when the once mortal Adraejen Porthyrius trapped The Mother’s soul within a large shard of Lacriamium when Dalanesca had delivered her fatal blow. The Auzial Academy of the Gifted and The Iria Mage College are continuing their research to see just how useful the substance is in everyday magical practice.

Angela was seen using the metal as an anchor when the Soul-Stream of Arri went out of control due to the rampage of the Piper Kira. Mortals were able to wear a necklace made of the metal to enter a realm where normally only the deceased on the path of reincarnation can exist. It’s unknown whether or not she was able to do this because of the metal’s magical properties or because the metal is made up of herself and she can mold it to do whatever job she needs completed.

Lacriamium is rare, however, due to its, as of yet, young appearance in the world, and is prized - either jealousy or reverently - by those fortunate enough to find it for its broad range of uses. The value it has for its magical capabilities and uses within the forge is high, indeed, though this comes to no surprise because of its origins.

Rumor says that the Goddess was only able to produce this metal because of a deal she had struck with the mythological Voice, the being who chooses the gods. Whether or not this is true is only known between the Goddess Angela and the Avatar of the World Tree only known as Voice. One thing is for certain: Revaliir will continue to benefit from the birth of this metal for many centuries to come and perhaps even longer.

-Clairese Faraday, Cleric in The Mother’s Clergy