In our age the scales from Mermaids are collected and traded freely with the water-folk when the caravans pass by. The merchants trade what the water-folk can't create on their own under the waters while the Mermaids trade their own scales from their bodies, among other oceanic treasures we on the surface deem valuable. Sometimes sailors out on the waves have come across them by chance, as such they are a common talisman for good luck among those that ride the waves to make their living. The scales have magical properties most of the time, something I will refer back to in a moment, and are used for creating many useful things. A list of all currently known uses for Mermaids scales will follow at the end of this text. Now, that said, as I stated, not all scales are magical, and there is a reason for this; the scales must be given freely by the Mermaid, or, found by chance as the sailors do. If one was to strip a Mermaid of her scales forcefully they will have no value to them, magically speaking.

In my research I have found a tale passed by sailors that, as far as they are concerned, was the first known time a Mermaid gave her scales willingly to a sailor, thus allowing us land dwellers the knowledge that they were magical and useful.

The story goes something like this; A ship had sailed into a bad storm despite their best efforts not to. With the ship thrashing about in the waves a poor sailor was thrown overboard and into the depths. There was nothing his brothers could do to save him, he was lost to the sea. The ship survived the storm and eventually sailed back to port, broken hearted at the lost of their fellow sailor.

However, after going over board a Mermaid happened to be following the ship out of curiosity and she found the sailor after he was tossed into the waves. More out of curiosity than actually wanting to help, the Mermaid took him down into the depths to a place where she made her home, and used her magic to allow him to breath underwater.

Once he awoke she asked him all kinds of questions, after of course he got over the shock of his current situation and that was, in fact, very safe and alive. The story varies on long he was down there, some say a few days, others a week or two, or a month. But the end result is usually about the same. The sailor and Mermaid become close and after the time goes by he knows he needs to be back to his home again. The Mermaid takes him back to shore, sad that their time together was drawing to a close. However, as a token of their time together the Mermaid removes a scale from her body and offers it to him, which he takes.

After that no matter how bad the weather the sailor, after reuniting with his mates, and his ship always came through in fine condition. He carried the scale with him from then until his death on land, always believe that the scale protected him on the ocean.

Known items that are created using Mermaid scales;

Wendigo Elixir

Amborella Philter

Dolor Fluvium

Draught of Black Night

Leviathan Elixir

Naiad's Dance Draught

Philter of Many Faces

Compiled and written by Jandar Olanorin, Elf Researcher