Considered an unsolvable natural phenomenon for centuries, current alchemists and mages alike have started to tie loose ends to the mystery that is the Nevermelting Icicle. Originally thought to only be abundant from Itjivut, modern research has concluded the very precise process of naturally forming Nevermelting Icicles is more to do with harsh temperature than one particular location.

These perpetually frozen shards are formed when warmer waters are shocked by an arctic drop in temperature along with an increase in pressure. Due to the constant frozen temperatures lining nearly every shore of Itjivut, there is an abundance of these tendrils to be found on the sea floor. Sometimes confused for tumbled sea glass, the Nevermelting Icicle is dangerous to try and harvest unless you have the required experience and skills.

Due to the varying climates of Revaliir, more of these icicles are being found in other waters. To add to the mystery of this phenomenon, there have been reports of icicles forming from freezing rain dropping into the lakes and rivers of warmer climates. While this has helped spread awareness of the Nevermelting Icicle, it has also piqued the curiosity of nations that might otherwise have never been aware of such an occurrence.

Mages and alchemists have combined their efforts in manufacturing the substance, but most results prove fruitless. At most they last for a few weeks before resorting back to their baser ingredients. At the worst, they cause severe frostbite. While tricky to handle, it’s in the best interest of anyone in search for this enchantment to go for the real deal so that they have the purest and safest results.

-Sir Aubrey Ellington III, senior editor of Ars Alchemica Materia