The Fairy Tale of Canelux

Canelux is the older sister to Parvpora and one of the seven daughters of the sun. She once had magnificent wings that were said to have been stolen by a thief from Abed. The thief climbed what was originally known as The Stairway to the Skies. It was a long starry cloth that hung down from the heavens.

The thief knew that Canelux, the oldest of the sisters, was very naive and trusted almost any one who would come to visit her. She was lonely up in the skies and so the thief bed her. While she slept he took mercy on her by only cutting her wings off and carrying them back down to Revaliir. When she awoke she wept and she wept until she found herself too saddened to shine brightly in the daylight skies.

Their father, the Sun, destroyed the Stairway to the Skies so no other mortal could ever hurt his daughters. In doing so they were lost to the mortals and now only stories remain. Canelux still weeps in the night skies but it has now been centuries since she lost her precious wings.

Eventually, the thief sold the wings and lived wealthy for the rest of his days. The eternal wings were eventually forged onto a piece of armor allowing one flight. The armor still floats around Revaliir to this day.

Canelux's Wings