Revaliir Currency

Adeluna – Crescents (Coins stamps with face of the queen on one side and a crescent moon on the other)

Abed – Sikka (Comes in both gold and silver, backs are stamped with a blossoming lotus)

Ataiyo – Do (Star stamped copper coins), Gin (Silver moon stamped coins), Kin (sun stamped gold coins)

Baltil – Aur (Golden cogs) and Dorr (Silver cogs)

Bohar Plains – Crescents - See Adeluna

Egjora – Crescents - See Adeluna

Endapano – Mal (Gold coins with a ruby imbued on the back) and Mir (Silver coins with a sapphire imbued on the back)

Eyota Etu -

Fort Dinclaire (Bakulaw Isle) -

Gobethio (Railoch) -

Harena Desert – General trading

Haza Savanna – General trading

Highlands – Deals in Gold and Silver coins called Bonn, Gold Bonn having two swords stamped on them and Silver Bonn having the outline of mountains stamped on it

Horae Island - Trades based on Sularia (Arri)

Itjivut – General trading

Jasumin Lake – Accepts currency from both Karith & Iria

Jayou -

Kinigoh (Apoy Island) – General trading

Komiteia -

Kurayo – Den'gi, gold and silver coins with a crescent moon inside of a full moon stamped on them.

Laeto Rainforest – General trading

Mamlak – Gold coins and silver coins called Sarafu (Stamped with the emblem of a lion)

Mo’Mey Steppes – Roj – Gems shaped into coins (agate, diamond, ruby)

Karith – Gold and Silver coins called Qián. They have clouds stamped into them.

Sihajja -

Sularia, Arri – Gems(Especially Lapis Lazuli), General trading

Umbral Depths -

Valley of Vada -

Vila Lake (Feeorin Forest) – Pearls

Vilpamolan – Gerenal trading and Argen (stamped coins with fish on them, come in gold and silver)

Iria – Latun(Brass coins with lettering), Zhelezo (Iron coins stamped with arcane letters), Sur’ma (Antimony coins stamped with a crown)

Yovaesh Port – General Trading

Zets'Ki Cradle -

Exchanging Currency

Most of the cities use magic to turn the coins into currency from their kingdoms. Those that don't exchange them and smelt down or reuse the material the coins are made from.