The Godslayer War

Taken from, The History of the Godslayer War by the Archmage

In the Age following the Sundering, a great war engulfed Canelux, a war that pitted mortals against the Conclave of Gods. The Godslayer, a fallen God himself, discovered an ancient mace imbued with the power to destroy the divinity of the Gods and with it, sought to change the world, to remove the tyranny of the Conclave and replace it with a new order. He gathered a mighty army to his standard, calling on some of the best mages and warriors in the continent. Oriana, already a commander of renown, joined his cause, as did I, the Archmage. Together, we swept over the land like a mighty wave, scattering those that opposed us and freeing the people as we went.

The largest battle took place in Sarchu Valley, when the Conclave forces met our own. The fighting was fierce and the blood of both sides covered the parched valley floor. When it looked as though our lines would break, my Arm of Light struck into the center of the Conclave’s lines and broke their resolve. Retreating in disarray, the Conclave's army was weakened and desperate.

Seeking an opportunity to show his power to the whole of Revaliir, the Godslayer challenged the Goddess of the Hours to a duel in the streets of Adeluna. From the moment he stepped out, the Goddess weakened. The mace he held drained her, and she was unable to fight back while he toyed with her, and taunted her. Then, while a crowd watched, the Godslayer struck the Goddess with his mace, felling her in a single blow.

The Gods became desperate, hiding away in the Conclave of the Ancients, and there they formed a plan. As they were powerless against the Godslayer and his mace, they decided to send a group of mortals into the Godslayer's camp to assassinate him and secure the mace. Who these deceivers were, I do not know, but they killed the Godslayer where he slept, and stole off into the night with his mace. Without a way to challenge the tyranny of the Gods, our glorious new order came to an end.

From, The Ravings of Mad Men by Doctor Alinok Eslat

While she was found in [obscured], the woman suffered from a curious malady and thus was sent to me. The journey must have been too trying for her, for she died soon after entering my care, but not before exclaiming that the world was dying, and she was to blame. I tried to assure her that everything was fine, but she interrupted me before I could finish. She said that she had fought in a war against the gods, slaying them all to a man. I thought at first that she was referring to the legendary war in Parvpora, but the gods she spoke of were not the Parvporan gods. Furthermore, she added that, as each god was slain, there were changes in the world. The first to fall was the God of Death, and from that day on, no mortal man perished. Then the Goddess of Life was slain, and women found themselves unable to bear children. And so on, until finally the mighty Goddess of Time was struck down. The woman described days that felt like minutes, and nights that went on for months. Cities and forests fell into nothingness, and portals appeared all over the world. One such portal lead her to our world, and she begged me not to send her back.

Before I could learn more about the world the woman came from, she died. Ordinarily, I might dismiss her ravings as that of a mad woman— for she had the look of one— but her talk of portals is curious. I have heard of similar things happening here, and the war she spoke of bore eerie similarities to the one recorded in the writings of the Archmage. I may need to investigate this further.