There exists a way, or rather once several ways, for people to end up in the folds of Revaliir's time fabric. These portals existed since the fall of Onnen, the first World Tree, but were not nearly that many in number before the arrival of Timedeath. When the Goddess of Time was slain there was a pinch in the fabric that binds all of Revaliir's inhabitants. This created unnatural portals that connected different realms to ours. From these realms doppelgangers collided with their Revaliir counterparts and new faces appeared as they fell from the sky.

The portals from Timedeath were closed with the combined effort of fixing Sularia's water clock. The water clock in Sularia appears to be the center of all time magic. A figure appeared at the moment the clock's construction was completed. I could not tell for certain who this figure was but they cast some sort of spell over it. The spell was like a vortex and I heard the Goddess Angela mutter the words, "This is the way it should be."

Since that has happened there have been no new Time Gods. I wonder if the Goddess's words at the clock meant that Time would only be handled by outside forces. That even Time was too great of a duty for the Gods of Revaliir. Ironically, it is only time that can tell us the answer to that. I suspect that Portals are still available for others to enter our realm but not from the Timedeath crisis we once faced. According to Mora, the portals are actually coming through The Void now and those seem to have been permanently altered by Timedeath, although I am loathe to believe anything that quack says.

-Thorne Tisadeth, Senior Mage from the Iria Mage College