The Wasps or Amharians are a rather misanthropic bunch, and they are very hived minded, everything they do is for their hive and their Queen. Though the odd Wasp gets ideals of their own now and then.

Feral Information: Feral Wasps are basically giant Wasps, ranging from the size of a large dog all the way to larger than humans. They aren't intelligent, they are totally hive minded and are used for beasts of burden with some of the larger ones being used as war mounts. They aren't overly aggressive unless pushed into it by an attack or instructed by a higher Wasp to attack, at which point their stingers come out and they will fight to the death. Be it their enemies or themselves.

Drone Information: The Drones of the Hive make up the bulk of the Wasp Hive, they are the labourers and front line attackers, smarter Drones get leadership of groups of Drones. They are hive minded as all Wasps are but have enough independent thought to think creatively in any given situation. They are able fighters, capable of using all the of Hives weapons, and the rare Drone can even use some magic and that trait will be trained as well if it is strong enough. They stand up on two legs and have four arms, but are very Wasp like in appearance, looking like a Feral Wasp decided to stand up on two legs and grow tri-clawed hands. They can use their natural stingers to attack, but that is left for last resort, however, they aren't suicidal like the Feral's are, as Drone have some self preservation instincts. What they lack in over all martial training they make up for in sheer numbers, as they breed and grow at exceptional rates, it's nearly impossible to kill of all of the Drones of a Wasp of Hive. They just never seem to stop coming once they start an attack.

Elite and Warrior Information: The leaders of the Hive, the nobles if you will. They are still Hive minded, but possess greater independent thought and intelligence compared to their lesser kin. They run the Hive and direct the Ferals and Drones and plan attacks, they are the thinkers and the creators of the Hive. They are capable of learning the Basic language that most of the mainlanders speak, among other languages if given enough time and a decent reason to actually learn it. They look down on other races, among even other Insect kind, and treat the lesser Wasps with contempt, using them like slaves.

Elite wasps are most humanoid looking. Standing fully upright on two legs and with four long slender arms ended in four clawed fingers and a thumb their bodies are generally slender and trim, though they are hardly weak. They are easily stronger than humans, even the weakest of them, and they still have their wings allowing them to fly around quickly, their preferred method of getting around. Their skin is generally black with golden down on their chests and a mane around their necks, the down on their heads they style in different stylish ways. Antenna still protrude from the tops of their head, females are usually slightly taller than males of the Elite standing around six and a half feet tall while the males just around six feet. While they do not possess stingers in the same way that Ferals and Drones to, they can grow stingers out of their wrists and when broken they can regrow them in time. These are used as a last resort and a surprise attack.

There is enough difference in their opinions and attitudes that within the Elite there are those that prefer to think and create, to fight and kill, or help raise more for the Hive. Those that think and create make the weapons and armour for the warriors, make gadgets and helpful tools for the Hive. The ones that like to be nursemaids and help raise the young are happy in their chosen roles and care for the young, even if the young grow rather quickly there are always new young to take care of.

The Elite Warriors, however, are a step above. They are highly skilled and trained in their weapons and magic if they have any. Most Warriors prefer to use very precise weapons, like rapier style swords and knives, but some aren't above shields, clubs and larger swords and hammers either. They are agile and fight fast and use their multiple arms to great advantage over those with only two arms, which they consider inferior to themselves. When using one handed weapons they'll often have four of them, or three and maybe a shield, they are a gifted fighters before their training starts, training that sees the weakest of them dead before the end.

Weapons and Armour: Wasps use a variety of weapons, ranging from spears, lances while mounted, daggers and knives, swords of varying lengths. While clubs and other blunt weapons are in use they aren't as common as Wasps prefer something with a deadly sharp blade to it. Some Wasps like to wear their weapons openly, others will hide them on their person to be only seen when in use. Materials for weapons range from metals that they get from other Insects, to stingers from dead Feral Wasps to use as spears.

Wasp armour is a mix of metals that they acquire from other Insect kind and carapace pieces from their Feral Wasps. Leather is used as well, but what that leather is made from isn't always known. As with any armour it ranges from light, medium to heavy, with Wasps light is most common because of their agility and precision attacks. Medium armour is least common among Wasps as most feel that, if they are going to use Medium armour they may as well use either Heavy or Light instead. Heavy armour is second most common, and any Wasp wearing this armour is usually using a rather large sword at the same time. These warriors aren't to be taken lightly, highly trained and devoted to the Queen.

Magic: Some Elite Wasps are capable casters, able to use a decent variety of magics. Most common is lightning based magic, some have some air magic as well. Rare is the Wasp that has any kind of healing magic and they aren't allowed to leave the Hive often as their services are sought after and they are protected from harm.

However, almost all Elite Wasps have the ability to cause pain by touching someone directly, the stronger of them can do it without direct contact. This would feel very much like getting stung by one of their large stingers, and can be excruciating as the longer the affect is in place the more the pain builds. Some Drones can do this as well, but Ferals have no magic.

Hierarchy and Culture: In their native tongue which is nearly impossible for other humanoids to understand let alone speak they are called the Amhara. Everything that every Wasp does is for the Hive, and, most of all, their Queen. They distrust outsiders, especially humans and elves and basically anything that isn't another insect. Even visiting insects are watched carefully but the Wasps know that they need what the other insects can offer in the way of trade goods and sometimes food. An attack on the Hive or an attempt at the Queen, even a suspected one with little to no evidence can lead to the Wasps attacking, and they aren't above torture if they feel they can get more information out of a captive.

The Elites, as mentioned, treat the lesser Wasps like servants, which they technically are. Leaders among the Warriors have no problem making examples out of Drones if they feel it will help keep the rest of the ranks in line. After all, they reproduce and grow rapidly, there are always new Drones to replace the old ones.

The Wasps Queen herself is kept deep in the heart of the Hive's city, heavily protected and guarded at all times. If she speaks the Hive listens, to go against the Queen's orders is instant death, no questions asked, the Wasps will accept no other authority in their lives, and they believe that the Gods are false. Male warriors of great prowess and that have proven their total loyalty are sometimes granted the great honour of mating with the Queen. This ensures that only the strongest are born from Her to continue in her reign. All those born from the Queen are kept in her palace and are raised there, males and females alike. Male are raised as servants and the Royal Guard to their mother, ensuring loyalty. While the females are given tasks based on their strengths as they mature, from homemakers to warriors. When the Queen feels it is her time she will chose her successor from her daughters and start to groom her for her new role later in life.

However, the other daughters, and only them, if one should feel she is better than the one selected made challenge the decision. While rare if this should happen and the Queen doesn't out right kill the challenger for disobedience, then the two daughters will fight to the death before their mother to the right to become Queen. Afterward, whoever is left is the only one capable of becoming Queen, other challengers will be killed. The Hive, when the new Queen is placed upon the throne celebrates her and the life of her mother, it was one of the rare times Wasps can be found to loosen up a little in their lives.

Wasps do have explorers, however, that they send out to seek new territory, for they are territorial and ever expanding. These explorers are drawn from the Warrior ranks and are given additional training to be independent away from the Hive, though their lack of interaction with other races makes this more of formality. It's the explorers' job to bring back information on the other races before any kind of invasion may be planned.