The Beetles, or Maasi as they are known in their native tongue, are a different breed entirely from other insect kin. Where are Ants and Wasps are hive-minded and Mantis prefer to use magic, Beetles are inventors, scientists, alchemists, merchants and creators. While other insects tend to fall into very tight variations on breed, Beetles are of many kinds, sizes and strengths.

Physicality: Beetles are varied in their appearance, ranging from shorter breeds to hulking brutes that are capable of little more than acting like living tanks in a fight. Some can fly, some cannot, some have harden carapaces over parts of their bodies as natural protection, some have been known to have massive strength in a small size. A rare breed, for example, includes what the Beetles among themselves call the Ironclads; seven-foot monsters that walk around on four pointed but powerful legs the size of tree trunks. Layered in near impenetrable carapace armour, sometimes with the addition of more crafted armour, these living tanks stride into the battlefield with a large claw for one arm and the other a normal hand fit for its size. But this hand normally wields some kind of large weapon, an axe, maybe a hammer, whatever it can swing around. Capable of limited flight for short ranges and low altitudes and some are capable of spraying out a caustic substances that can melt flesh of weaker beings. This is but one example. Others may include humanoid Beetles and still another is the massive Beetles that they are used as living airships or water beetles for sailing ships. Highly resilient to diseases, poisons and toxins and some can go weeks without food or water, Beetles are a hardy bunch.

Social Structure: Beetles are, in many ways, more human in this regard than other races. Beetles don't have classes among their kinds, they see all Beetles as Beetles and each has their own will to do as they please. Merchants are common and these work between the other Beetle cities and the other insects as well, making trade flow easily between all the races smooth and easy. Beetles are in general rather rich as their technology and inventiveness gives them an edge over other races, such as the Wasps, when it comes to creating tools and weapons. There are warriors among the Beetles, as exampled with the Ironclads, but some more humanoid Beetles will don their own crafted heavy armour into battle and fight alongside Wasps and Ants in some cases. These warriors aren't as trained or as disciplined as the others tend to be, Beetles warriors tend to be wilder in their fighting, using their sheer strength to plow through enemies making an opening for their allies. However, citywide decisions are made by vote from the whole city and majority rules on these votes, once the counting is finished the results are spread around the and the changes enacted. Nothing much gets said afterward as Beetles aren't ones to rock the boat, preferring to stick to whatever task they have set for themselves.

Mentality: Beetles tend to be even across the board when it comes to mentality. Since they aren't hived minded they work for themselves mostly and some get really into their projects and work. Their range of emotions are about on par with humans, however, Beetles don't tend to get angry very often or easily, taking everything in their stride. Even if those strides takes them across the face of an enemy in the case of their warriors. Of all the insect races encountered so far Beetles are mostly like to have an easier time getting along with the people of the other continents, as their focus is mostly on their work above all.