Name: Biafada

Genders: Male & Female

Age Range (Typical): Infant – 60 years [80 yo possible]

Land Speed: 10 mph

Class: Mammalia

Home: South East of the Sandawe Grassland [East of the mountain range]


The Biafada people are a solitary people that prefer to trade only when absolutely necessary. They live in the more arid portion of Sandawe Grassland. Large pointed scales cover their body that aide them in battle. Due to their build, they are slower than other races, but this is not a devastating attribute. Their naturally armored bodies are a visible representation of their fighting style: defensively.

Sandawe Grassland provides most of what these solitary people need, as they keep to a vegetarian diet. Their huts are made from mud and styled in a doom shape. Most of their activity is during the night.