Name: Chokwe

Genders: Male & Female

Age Range (Typical): Infant – 78 years [90 yo possible]

Land Speed: 36 mph

Class: Felidae

Home: Central of the Sandawe Grassland


The lion people are the wealthiest of all the races that live in the Sandawe Grassland, and are looked at as the ruling class. Raw power is within each of the Chokwe, which is used to protect the pride (family). Though the males are looked at for their regal prowess, it is the females that have the main power within the society. Final decisions are made by the women and there is no ability for contradicting that decision.

Chokwe do whatever they can to help keep peace within their ‘realm.’ Often they clash with the Mandinka. A long history of a blood feud lasts between the two races. No one can recall how it all started, but there has been little effort to bring it to an end.