Name: Makone

Genders: Male & Female

Age Range (Typical): Infant – 80 years [100 yo possible]

Land Speed: 20 mph

Class: Reptilia

Home: North Rivers of the Savannah [East of the mountain range]


The Makone are a humanoid crocodile people that are mostly self-reliant, and have a high sense of race pride. They are classified as a warrior people that, for the most part, stay in their own territory. On occasion they will make raiding parties on outsider river villages to obtain more resources that they are lacking. These raids do not last long, for they do not wish to keep these villages for their own; it is only the resources that they take and then return to their own homes. To keep a low amount of damage, the villages that often get raided will put out tributes of their hard labor. The Makone respect this and will take these tributes (meat, fish, grain, etc) and leave the villagers alone.

Within their villages, there is a hierarchy based upon age. Elders run the villages, and then the elders from each village make up a council. This council has the absolute last say on the path of the villages. These elders are highly valued and respected due to the low ratio of warriors reaching an old age.