Name: Twa

Genders: Male & Female

Age Range (Typical): Infant – 60 years [80 yo possible][Needs to be studied more]

Land Speed: 75 mph

Class: Felidae

Home: South West of the Savanna [West of the mountain range]


The Twa people are nomadic people. They move from location to location but mostly stay in the southwest of the savannah to keep away from established stronger races. Their inherent speed allows them the ability to escape from their attackers efficiently. Tribal villages are erected where they decide to stay, though they are easy to tear down and pack for moving again.

Twa are extremely capable in battle as their dexterity is highly effective. Armor and weapons tend to be light. They prefer to make their own leather armor that allows for quick movements. Daggers are the weapon of choice. Most of the warriors in the race fall under the qualification of rogue.