Many have deemed the efforts of settling into Bakulaw Isle as a mad dream. The past is a hard thing to let go, and the remains of former efforts to establish a colony still linger like a bad itch. But forty years ago, a small group decided to break away from the fear and throw their lives into a gamble that has more than just paid off. There were about thirty of us that set sail, many of us were strong, young bodies who didn’t know the meaning of fear. Hunters, scholars, thrill seekers, we all wanted to make our mark in this world and by gosh, we did. Some left families behind, swearing to bring them to the establishment once every was ready. Others were loners that had nothing to lose and all to gain.

Fort Dinclaire is that result of our blood and tears sacrificed to settled into uncharted territory. When we arrived, we immediately worked around the woodline nearing the coasts and day and night, worked on cutting down lumber and building a series of walls to keep out the smaller, dangerous threats that easily claimed the lives of those before us. Sleep was catching a few winks before either working on the wall or standing guard; a long sleep for hours was a privilege rarely seen during those first four months until it was completed. When the walls were finally risen, we celebrated with spirits and a good sleep. It’s not to say that we didn’t lose members of our ragtag group- no, between the elements and the wildlife, we loss a few good men but they were buried with honor and the utmost respect. If not for everyone’s efforts, then we all would surely been dead. The buildings soon came afterwards; simple houses and a watchtower were built by the end of the year. As news got out about our efforts, Iria and Baltil kept a keen ear about it before sending us more men, resources and even funded us. Iria’s interest in the flora and fauna there was easily spotted two miles away and they sent some of their best minds at the time to study and observe. It was the major reason for us having to expand the outpost so that we would use our eager hunters to trap and capture living Bakulaws for observations. Baltil’s dwarves were keen on seeking out possible new materials they could use to forge, and they surely were a godsend in fortifying the place even more with their craft, as well as arming the lot of us to the teeth.

Sadly, not everyone saw our cause as noble. The sultan of Abed at the time, was an old kook that thought we were insulting the law of nature and that we would be soon struck down like the others. Poppycock really. Kurayo shared similar opinions and refused to trade with us, being the isle to be cursed and anything taken off of it would bring misfortunate. It was a damn shame, but we made it through.

As time went on, families were reunited and the outpost grew and adapted, much like how these creatures had to do for centuries if not longer. We became wiser and stronger, but we never truly tested our luck in going into the plains. Many would venture along the forests, safely on guard for the Katerba. But there’s always some wiseass that thinks he can get a hold of one of them, and surely enough, one did. Days after bring one back to the kennel where we kept our captures, he managed to tame it and soon the lucky bastard was riding on one. That only made others very envious and wanting a mount of their own.

I feel the age catching up to me whenever I think of how we were able to build a bond between man and ancient creature. Perhaps this does cross the line of nature. Perhaps our coming here and settling down is a violation, but to hell with all of that. We took a dream and worked hard for years and after all this time pass, we’ve made our mark. My grandchildren, so full of youth, look at these creatures not as horrific or menacing, but with a curiosity and respect. Hopefully they will be the new generation that take care of this place and continue to learn more from the Bakulaw and speak to the rest of the world about it.

-Gregor Helmsley, Explorer, Founding Father of Fort Dinclaire