The staff of Revaliir is well aware that certain races and characters are resistant to certain elements. However, we have a strict rule on Godmodding which keeps your characters/races from having 100% immunity. To help though we have introduced a series of spells and potions in tiers that will allow your character some resistance.

Low-Level Resistance: The Tonic of Resistances in Karma's Baubles - They are 50 silver each and will allow your character to resist a small amount of elemental damage.

Medium-Level Resistance: The spell shop has Elemental Meld spells for 100 silver a piece. In the case of Lightning and Poison resistances, we offer some substitutes for you since we don't have meld spells for either of them. For Lightning, depending on your lore, you may use Fire or Air Meld. For Poison, you must use the Earth Meld.

High-Level Resistance: I cannot stress this enough. This doesn't mean your character has 100% resistance. They can withstand a large amount but they are not completely immune. Anyone caught abusing this will be struck. You can find the elemental elixirs for these in Karma's Baubles. These will take the most time to make since you need the ingredients and the base silver. It is our belief that no character should be able to start right off the bat with such high-level resistance unless traded from another account.