There has been a fine line between what is appropriate and inappropriate when it comes down to R-rated threads. This guide is to clear up some of the confusion when it comes to content of the sexual nature. Because of the R-rating, sexual themes should be kept to a minor and appropriate for those who are ages 17 and under.

  1. No mentioning of penetration or other sexual acts. If unsure about whether your character’s actions would fall under this, see a Moderator for clarity.

  2. While you are free to have your character naked, please do not go into detail of how naked they are.

  3. No mentioning of genitalia, even if you are using colorful language to describe them.

  4. BDSM may be allowed but the other rules still apply in conjure with it

  5. No mentioning of bodily fluids associated with sex.

  6. You may have character's kissing, touching (within reason), or undressing themselves or another, but keep it classy.

  7. When in doubt, feel free to "fade to black" as a means to time skip forward after the encounter.

Note: Our Password Protected Thread (PPT) system has been implemented and the following rules above can be ignored if used. This is the only exception to them but the regular Revaliir rules will still be enforced.